Artificaial Intelligence

As the core driving force of the new round of industrial transformation, artificial intelligence will further release the enormous energy accumulated by the science and technology revolution and industrial transformation, and promote new technologies, new products, new industries, new patterns and new models, which have caused great changes in the economic structure. Sunwin closely follows the national development Strategy, committed to the development of artificial intelligence industry. Sunwin in the field of artificial intelligence mainly includes service robots, UAV platform and image analysis data processing, facial recognition system, intelligent video analysis system and so on.

Relying on the company in the field of artificial intelligence 20 years of technology accumulation, integration of corporate resources, focusing on research and development, Sunwin has launched intelligent video analysis system, face recognition system, and actively related products to upgrade iterations, vigorously to promote its fusion application in construction of smart city .

In 2016, Sunwin cooperated with Osaka University to establish the "Sunwin-Osaka University Health Strategy Research Institute", focusing on the development of health service robots, including intelligent nursing beds, exoskeleton, light and small wearable equipment and other products. In the future, bullish on the high-end market of China's health service robots, Sunwin will introduce the international top technology, invest in the construction of the center for the research of protection and wearable robotics, the International Exchange Center, the talent training base, and create the first-class artificial intelligence products.

In the field of UAV, Hefei Sunwin Intelligent Co., Ltd. has developed into a fixed-wing, multi-rotor, helicopter, including a complete range, a wide range of industrial-grade UAV manufacturing company. Hefei Sunwin Intelligent Co., Ltd. in the UAV R & D platform and rotor engine research and development to achieve breakthroughs, research and development of the Department of more than rotary rotor UAV is the first domestic, leading technology. At the same time, the company uses the local rich university, hospital resources, set up a "UAV back-end data processing laboratory", focusing on UAV data analysis, data processing, image analysis and image processing of advanced technology and products, The laboratory has been identified as "Anhui Engineering Laboratory", and strive to build in the next few years the state-level key laboratories.

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