Big Data

    With the cloud computing, internet of things, big data, AI and other new technologies surging, data integration and sharing more and more attention to data fusion, data sharing as a means to deepen the value of the data as a sign, opened a new big data era of smart city.At present, the big data business is Sunwin to undertake major contracts in the main source areas.The company's big data business has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen first-tier cities,while micro-module data center business is among the forefront of the country.

In the future,the strategic direction in the field of big data of Sunwin is located in the "data center investment, construction and operation of a small number of overall service providers." Specifically, we will make full use of "closed cold channel + cabinet cooling" technology to improve data storage capacity; Second, we will combine the company's smart city business, with all levels of government to open up data barriers, and gradually open data, good data resource operations; Third, we will make full use of corporate image and data processing technology, to create a high value-added data analysis, processing business; Fourth, we will invest, build, operate the company's internal data center, research and acquire core products related to the data center.

Successful Case

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